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Clinical Trial Communication Materials

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Efficient. Reliable. Collaborative.

Partner with ABS, your trusted ally in clinical trial support since 1983, for unparalleled expertise, reliability and results-driven solutions.

Unlock Seamless Study Start-Up

Dive into ABS's specialized Study Start-up (SSU) Materials for a smoother, more efficient trial launch.

Why Us?

We don't just offer services – we provide customized end-to-end solutions tailored to your unique needs. With our global production and distribution capabilities, we are bound to reach you in any corner of the world, while our PRSnet® Online Solution empowers you with real-time study management.

  • Collaborate with clients to design scalable, cost-effective, customized site and patient retention solutions.

  • Experienced with Clinical Trial Program study "Tools."

  • Incorporate technology and project management expertise to achieve efficiencies.

  • Global distribution including US, EU, Russia, and Latin America.

  • Country and culture-specific language translation services


Unlock Your Trial's Potential with Tailored Solutions

Step into a world of unparalleled trial success with our expertly tailored services. From flawless study start-up materials to seamless global logistics, innovative patient retention strategies, winning Bid Defense RFPs, and personalized print campaigns, we're your key to unlocking breakthrough results.


Clinical Trial "Support" Excellence

Streamline every aspect of your trial startup, ensuring seamless operations and swift progress. With ABS by your side, tedious tasks become effortless, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – advancing your research.


Unlock Seamless Site Management

Experience the ease of site management like never before with ABS. From essential binders to regulatory documents, investigator meeting supplies, and recruitment kits, our comprehensive support materials ensure smooth operations every step of the way.


Scalable Customized Site & Patient Retention Solutions

We help design scalable customized site support and keep patients engaged and data strong with our customizable retention solutions, featuring Study Branded Materials, Mobile Messaging, and Lost Patient Follow-Up Services.


Your Trial's Success is Our Priority

Experience peace of mind as we uphold the highest standards of compliance, ensuring your trial meets and exceeds HIPAA, GDPR, with applicable regulatory requirements. With our unwavering commitment to data security and confidentiality, your research is safeguarded every step of the way.

Meet Our Happy Clients

“As a trial sponsor, we were working with a complicated trial and asked ABS to develop a campaign to welcome new participants and provide ongoing retention materials. Their creative staff was instrumental in developing the materials that successfully assisted with participation and retention.”

Mark R. - Project Manager

International Mail Distribution

International Data Processing Service such as International Address Manager and International Dedupe Manager

ABS Picture for intl mail.png

USPS International Mail Consolidation Services

International Priority Airmail (IPA)  International Surface Airlift (ISA) Global Bulk Economy (GBE)

Priority First Class (PFC)
Premium Printed Matter (PPM)  Economy Printed Matter (EPM)

International Service

Express  2-5 days

Priority 4-9 days

Priority Plus 4-9 days

Standard 7-14 days

Fulfillment Solution

Country and culture-specific translation services

Customized packaging/global mailing

Warehousing and inventory

Personalized communications and custom kits for sites and subjects

Support multi-location and multi-year studies

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