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Recognition & Incentive Programs

ABS develops and executes engagement & recognition strategies that move the performance needle. With our experience and partnership with Hinda Incentives, we create innovative solutions that are cost-effective , drive performance, and deliver measurable results.

Organizations with higher than average employee engagement have:

"The two things that create a sustainable competitive advantage — and therefore ROI, company value, and long-term strength — are workforce and customer loyalty to the brand. We know what you need to have a successful program, and we make it our business to make your business better. We help our clients to engage, inspire, and reward their employees and customers."

- Hinda Incentives


  • Customized program theme

  • Choice award catalog

  • Multiple programs operating on one platform

  • Real-time order status, including ship date, tracking, and links to carriers’ websites

  • Discretionary point functions, allowing participants to immediately recognize and reward individuals

  • Easy-to-use administrative features, such as detailed reporting and file uploads

  • Automated years-of-service awards, quizzes, and surveys

Warehouse and Fullfilment:

  • Shipment of in-stock product within 48 hours of order processing

  • Over 4,500 products stored in our 100,000-square-foot on-site facility

  • 99 percent of orders delivered within four days of shipment from warehouse

  • Custom packaging options — including inserts, tissue, tape, and packing slips

Rewards Portfolio:

  • Brand-name merchandise

  • Instant, easy, and intuitive digital awards featuring books, music, and movies

  • Individual travel award opportunities

  • Custom manufacturing — our manufacturing facility delivers jewelry and other unique custom items to meet your budgets and your needs

  • Global award fulfillment capabilities through alliances with international partners

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