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Company Stores

Our team of corporate merchandising and technology professionals design and develop custom branded online stores, also known as company stores. Each company store is designed to meet our clients individual and varying objectives. Online stores can be designed to support multiple audiences, from employees and customers to distributors and partners.

A simple on-line store could reside on its own domain or appear as a link on a company home page to:

  • Extend consistent brand messaging

  • Provide a one-stop shop of in-stock commonly used products

  • Offer greater operational efficiency and cost savings by assembling company goods in one easy to find place


In addition, all expenditures can be controlled and allocated to different budgets while providing comprehensive data and reporting to senior management and accounting departments.

Check out these examples of how some of our clients company stores to solve a particular pain point or organizational challenge:


  • Employee Reward & Recognition

  • Employee Uniforms

  • Sales and Partner Programs

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Retail Stores

  • Recruiting Programs

  • Trade show and event merchandise

  • Common Office Supplies

Company Store Programs

Program Stores

Support a variety of comprehensive Company Store Programs such as Uniform Stores, Reward & Recognition Point Stores, Employee Programs, and Micro-Stores. Company Store Programs allows organizations to control branding, quality, and spending.

Retail Functionality

An interactive shopping experience combined with the powerful capabilities of Company Store programs. Product Reviews, Recently Viewed Products, and Related Products provide the user with an online experience similar to that in a retail environment.

Branding Made Easy

Company Store Solutions for your promotional product business. Efficiently order logoed products for promotional events and employees. Great for short term and long term programs.

 With over 35 years of experience working in highly regulated industries, you can feel confident that compliance standards and accreditation make the grade with all appropriate agencies.

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