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Corporate Branding


Branded Merchandise are articles of custom branded products used in marketing and communication programs. They are typically given away to promote a company, corporate imagebrand, product launch, or event. They play a much bigger role in the education and integration of brand messaging than most people give them credit for.  Their impact is instant and far reaching while providing a consistent brand message for an average of 6 months.  They do this by opening lines of communication, they draw attention to a brand, and promote a favorable image to consumers.

Beyond the essential resources of over 500,000 products and combined creative wisdom of over 35 years,  ABS understands how to strategically use merchandise and promotions to get attention and generate results. Our approach is consultative and creatively guided by your business objectives.  

The keys to a successful campaign with branded merchandise is in understanding the message you are trying to convey while choosing a simple and affordable product to educate, influence, and reinforce that message to your audience.  We make it our business to understand your organizational goals. In doing so we provide customized products and solutions to help achieve your short and long term objectives

Here are just a handful of ways to incorporate branded merchandise into various aspects of your business:

Corporate and Client Gifts

Trade Show / Event Giveaways

Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Recruiting Programs

Reinforce Sales and Marketing Initiatives for Employees

Sales & Partner Programs

Consumer Reward and Loyalty Programs

Holiday & Seasonal Gifts

 With over 35 years of experience working in highly regulated industries, you can feel confident that compliance standards and accreditation make the grade with all appropriate agencies.

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