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Clinical Trial Support Solutions

ABS Research Support Group collaborates with sponsors/CROs to design, produce and distribute clinical trial site support and patient retention solutions.

We collaborate with our clients to design a comprehensive study communication system - involving sites, patients and sponsors - that is scalable, cost-effective, and customized to your study. ABS has proven success in supporting clinical trials in all areas of print and products services.

Project Managers work with a dedicated and experienced team to produce and distribute all site and patient materials. The centralized communication path ensures competitive and accurate quotes, as well as an understanding of the timing and relationship of all study tools.

ABS recognizes the critical need for both client and patient confidentiality. Our methodologies align with compliance requirements for HIPAA and 21-CFR-part-11, and we will implement company or product-specific quality and security standards as needed.

Our study enhancement "tool kit" consists of study-specific communication tools to enhance awareness, participation and retention at each stage and milestone.

Fullfillment Solutions

  • Customized packaging/global mailing

  •  Warehousing and inventory

  •  Personalized communications & custom kits

  • For sites and subjects

  •  Support multi-location and multi-year studies

Members of the Pharmaceutical SIG of the Project Management Institute

Patient Retention

  • Welcome Kits

  •  Surveys & Questionnaires

  •  Diaries/Reports

  •  Cards: Reminder / Holiday/Birthday / Study Reminder

  •  Exco In Touch - Mobile Messaging

  •  Lost Patient Follow-Up

  •  Newsletters

  •  Calendars, Magnets

  •  Study Logo'd Gifts & Gift Cards for Time Spent

Site Support

  • Start-up & Training Packets

  •  Investigator Meeting Materials

  •  Regulatory and Pharmacy Binders

  •  PRO Documents

  •  Mini Protocols

  •  Case Report Forms

  •  Recruitment Kits

  •  Newsletters

  •  Site Education Materials

Project Management

  • Centralized Management through Single Source Vendor saves time

  • Order

  • Production

  • Distribution

  • Experienced in Late-Phase

  •  Competitive Pricing

  •  Global Reach

  •  Understanding of your study and subject population

Business Development Support

  • Strategic collaboration during bid process

  •  Accurate and reasonable cost estimates

  •  Facilitates competitive costing in pass-through budgets

Compliance Confidentiality 


  • CFR-21-part11

  •  Secure electronic storage

  •  Quality Control processes

  •  Will implement corporate or project specific quality/security standards

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